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Barkan & Robon Ltd. is one of the most successful civil litigation law firms in northwestern Ohio. The firm's experienced trial lawyers have secured several multimillion-dollar jury awards and out-of-court settlements in matters ranging from business litigation and appeals to eminent domain.
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Ron and Gerald Weiss stand ready to hold car dealers, reckless drivers, irresponsible dog owners, and other liable parties accountable for financial and physical damages incurred by the sale of faulty motor vehicles and negligent conduct across the state of Ohio. If you've been handed a lemon, it is your right to hand it back, and we are here to show you how. Bring us your injuries and your losses, and we'll help you and your family pursue the healing and prosperity that you deserve. Contact Ronald S. Weiss, Attorney & Counselor, at our office in Toledo, Ohio, today for legal counsel on your lemon law or personal injury case.
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